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From the Old City Ice House - November 2022

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Morgus Presents Vol 1 has sold out for the 2nd and final time. It's highly unlikely that there will be another reissue. If you bought one of the 1300 produced, you have a bona fide collector's item! Thanks for your support!
The Hearse-ry Rhymes audio CD can still be purchased here.
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The Morgus Presents Vol 2 DVD features 5 full-length beautifully restored experiments: Mosquitoes, Invisible Man, Frozen People, Werewolf and Morgus Gets Married. A movie, The Amazing Transparent Man, is paired up with Invisible Man, and there's audio commentary from some of the guys down at the station. This is an affectionate tribute to the legacy of Sid Noel and his alter ego, Momus A Morgus. Available for order now!
Sid Noel's "Recollections of a Mad Scientist" Streaming Free On YouTube!
Authorized Morgus Merchandise Now Available!
Proudly display your passion for everything-Morgus! You can now purchase licensed T-shirts, stickers, tote bags and other goodies featuring Morgus, Chopsley and ERIC. Keep the legacy alive - click a button below! Follow the science! (Hover over a button to see more info!)
Morgus Presents Vol 2 on DVD is now shipping, and proving to be very popular. Want one? Have you seen ERIC's promo video?
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Morgus creater Sid Noel performed in a sold-out, one man show at the Orpheum Theater in New Orleans in October of 2019. In it, he recounted his history in radio and television, as well as the origins of Momus A Morgus. This would be the only time that he ever spoke at length in such a revelatory fashion. The event was recorded and donated to The Historic New Orleans Collection, who have generously shared it with the public on YouTube. Don't miss it! (Click button below)
The WYES Morgus Mini-Marathon aired on October 29th was a great success, featuring 3 of the restored experiments from the latest Morgus DVD release. During breaks in the action, some classic 'Morgus Memories' were shown, and WYES has generously made them available on YouTube. Thanks WYES, Dominic Massa and Bob Walker for sharing these with our Friends of Science!