2021 Stacks up to be an exciting one for Morgus fans, so stand by friends, there's more to come!
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Dr. Morgus is still at it, despite two crushing losses that have left him devastated. First, his longtime collaborator, Sid Noel, passed away last August. More recently, we lost Dr. Paul Yacich, who directed the idiots down at the station during the Dr.'s televised experiments. Please use your favorite search engine to gain additional knowledge on these giants of science and television technology, as there's not sufficient space here to do justice to their many accomplishments!
January 2021
Exciting Developments From The Ice House!
Don't forget Aaron Angelo's Friends of Science and Jerrytt's Morgus-O-Mania! excellent Facebook pages for
more great stuff, conversations and trivia! Also on Facebook, see Fleurty Girl for the only authorized Morgus
apparel currently available!
We've been working with the Rideau fmaily on ideas to make more of the Doctor's experiments available on home video, as well as some other memorabilia that Friends of Science have requested!
We've received a limited reissue of the the Doctor's first authorized video experiments on DVD, available here while supplies last!
Visit the order page and get yours today.
The Hearse-ry Rhymes audio CD can be purchased here.
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Morgus Presents Volume 1 returns on DVD!
Please visit this link to learn a little more and express your opinion about potential video offerings. A later survey will describe other types of 'merch' that may be created in response to your requests