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Friends of Science, Dr. Morgus has temporarily interrupted his experiments to ask you to join him in celebrating the life of his longtime colleague and occasional nemesis, Sidney Noel Rideau, who recently passed away at age 90.
August 2020 - We Bereave the Loss of Sid Noel
If you wish to learn additional details of his passing, please use your favorite search engine to locate and enjoy recollections and tributes to these Twin Titans of Science. Despite our grief, we can't change the focus of Morgus.com to dwell on mortality -- it's too critical a time in our world! The show must go on...
Here are some answers to questions that are frequently asked, but may be subject to change as we feel our way though this:

1) Morgus Presents Vol 1 DVD is sold-out, and unlikely to be re-released. The Dr did not authorize additional volumes.
2) Legal releases of VHS & DVD copies of
Wacky World are currently unavailable, except in the used market.
3) The
Hearsey-Rhymes CD is still available HERE.
4) Options for making more of the Doctor's experiments available are being considered.
5) Format and availability of Sid Noel's
Recollections of a Mad Scientist, recorded last fall are still in limbo, but not forgotten.
Now, a personal note from your webmaster: I have always attempted to answer every message that came in through the website. If you send a message, and don't receive an answer in a reasonable time, drop me a note and ask if I received it. I don't always have the answer you want, but I will say something. So if you don't see a response, some wires got crossed. Give it another try!
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