Reminder: Broadcasts of Dr. Morgus' classic experiments are again airing on New Orleans television! Tune in to WVUE Fox 8 on Friday night at 10:30PM, and 9:30PM on Saturday for a rebroadcast. (Times subject to change due to local programming constraints.)
Changes are coming to in 2013!
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Morgus on DVD We're celebrating the one-year annniversary of Morgus Presents Volume 1, the first-ever authorized release of the Doctor's experiments on home video. The DVD continues to be available here on, with secure credit card payment through PayPal. It can also be obtained at the Lousiana Music Factory and at the west-bank location of Barnes & Noble Booksellers in Harvey, LA. If you find either location sold out, please ask them to order more and I'll refresh their stock right away!

HERE to add Dr. Morgus to your DVD collection. Most orders ship the same-day, so get your notebooks ready!
The original concept of this site was to 'keep it simple' in order to provide a satisfying experience to visitors regardless of the age of their computers or speed of their internet service. Eventually, upgrades were made to include audio and video, made possible by faster computers, broadband internet and animated content using Flash technology. But change is upon us again, and it's come to the point where must change to keep up!
Some of the features previously found on the site have been removed or no longer work properly. The Greeting Card function was disabled because of security risks. Now, the Guest Book script is no longer supported, and new comments can't be added. Also, many users now visit with tablet computers and smartphones that have smaller displays, and some of those devices are incapable of displaying the Flash content.
Fixing these issues will require a complete site rebuild, using responsive web design -- a process that won't be quick or easy, but should yield a consistent viewing experience for all users, regardless of the device or browser they're using.
At present, I can't estimate a completion date, or guess which features may have to be eliminated because there's no equivalent functionality in HTML5, the suggested standard for modern websites. But it's coming...
Happy New Year from Dr. Morgus and your humble scribe, Dr. Chuck!